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LMLA Affordable Housing Program Availabilities


Thank you for your interest in The Landmark Los Angeles Affordable Housing Program. 

The property features 16 apartment suites designated as Low Income units for tenants with household income restrictions.These include studios, one-bedrooms and two bedrooms. Amenities include in-unit washer and dryer, pool, fitness center, one acre park, controlled access, 24-hour security and on-site cafe.


1x Studio Apartment - 430 SF  ($809 / mo)


Please note a submission of an application does not guarantee a lease for an affordable unit. Applications will be reviewed in the order received to identify individuals who qualify for an affordable unit pursuant to LAHD’s application approval process.  Eligibility for this apartment is determined by household size and income restrictions. Maximum and minimum income limits apply. Eligible applications will be reviewed in the order received. 


Accessible Units or Units with Accessible Features are available. If you would like to inquire about Accessible Units and/or their features, you may contact The Landmark Los Angeles at the contact information below.


Please submit only one application, as duplicate applications will not be reviewed.

To apply, please download all documents from the link on the bottom of this page and email, drop off or mail all forms back to the indicated address.

Your application shall include the following,
all of which must be fully completed by all prospective occupants over the age of 18:

  1. Tenant Income and Rent Certification Form (TIRC)
  2. Applicant and Owner/Duly Authorized Agent Statement
  3. Tenant Income Certification Questionnaire (TIC-Q)
  4. Conflict of Interest Form
  5. Asset Certification Form
  6. Bank statements for the three (3) most recent months for all Checking Accounts (all pages)
  7. Current bank statements for any Savings,401k, IRA, ROTH, CD’s, Money Market Accounts, etc. (all pages)
  8. IRS Form 4506-T
  9. Douglas Emmett Rental Application and Consumer Report Application 
    (a separate application and acknowledgments are required to be signed and
    submitted for each proposed occupant or household member)
  10. Government Issued ID


If employed, provide the following additional documents:

  1. Copies of payroll stubs for the (3) most recent months
  2. Signed copies of two (2) most recent income tax returns AND W-2s (all pages)
  3. Verification of employment form completed by employer with company stamp or business card attached


If self-employed, provide the following additional documents:

  1. Signed copies of two (2) most recent years’ income tax returns with Schedule C (1099 if applicable)
  2. Most current six (6) month profit and loss statement


If a household member over 18 years of age is not employed or receiving other benefits, provide:

  1. Certification of Zero Income form
  2. Signed copies of two (2) most recent income tax returns or W-2 forms (if applicable)
  3. Verification of Full-Time Student status form (if applicable)
  4. Proof of any income (e.g., Social Security, Award Letter, unemployment checks, child support)


All applicants are subject to the LAHD income certification process, which requires applicants to submit income documents (e.g. paycheck stubs, tax returns, benefit statements) through the property owner/management to verify that the household income is within the allowable limits.

2023 Income and Rent Limit Schedule 6

Please submit only one application, as duplicate applications will not be reviewed.

Only completed applications will be accepted. Upon confirmation of a qualifying application, applicants will be charged a fee of $41.50 for processing the Consumer Report Application.


 Fair housing logo Universal symbol of Accessibility 



“This housing is offered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, familial status, national origin, citizenship status, immigrant status, primary language, marital status, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, disability, source of income (including receipt of Section 8 and other similar vouchers), genetic information, military or veteran status, arbitrary characteristics, or any other basis currently or subsequently prohibited by law”.


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